Our Facilities


Infant Studio (Birth to 2 years)

Leaving a baby in childcare can be a stressful time for parents. When the child isn’t old enough to communicate their needs or likes and dislikes, it is often difficult for parents to imagine anyone else being able to look after their baby. Our dedicated infant studio educators will help you through this and make you feel at ease about leaving your baby in our care. With most of our infant studio educators being parents themselves they are experts at making you feel at ease and giving you and your child the warmth and support you need.


Our babies use full-size cots for rest-time with their own bedding provided, and our nappy change facilities ensure high standards of hygiene are always maintained.


The infant studio has a friendly and warm environment with one of it’s main focus is on the children feeling safe, secure and supported to thrive in their early years.

Junior Studio (2-3 years)

The Junior Studio focuses on the children having sense of belonging to the class and centre as well as having that little bit more structure to the routine as they begin to walk and talk and explore their surroundings.


This class offers busy toddlers a chance to play and learn with age-appropriate toys in a safe and secure environment. Designed with little fingers in mind, all of the facilities are safe for toddlers. Our carers love working with toddlers and engage the children in a variety of programmed activities that allow them to explore their creativity and physical abilities as well as encouraging them to interact with other children.

Senior studio (3-4 years)

The Senior Studio is designed as a pre-prep class for the preschool class. The highly experiences and qualified staff work closely with the preschool teachers in order to lay the foundational skills needed for preschool. The teachers provide a consistent routine for the children whilst building on their skills of communications, cognition and creativity. The Senior studio has a perfect balance between structured experiences and free play which is happiness.

Preschool (4-5 years)

The preschool age children are provided with a carefully designed program that enables them to show case their well-established personalities and skills whilst learning and growing into school ready young children. Being the eldest children at the centre the preschool class will regularly engage in peer to peer learning experiences helping the younger children teaching them to be responsible, independent and confident young explorers.


The preschool like the Senior Studio has a perfect mix of structured activities/lessons and opportunities for independent exploration. We focus on lengthening concentration spans during table top activities which provides support for staying on track to complete fun and educational tasks.

Library / Calm Area

In each classroom we provide a quiet and relaxing space for the children to unwind, regulate emotions and relax using books in a mini library form. 


We also provide comforting toys and pillows to make this space as comfortable as possible.

Zetland Children’s ELC places a high emphasis on literacy development from an early age, as we recognise the benefits in engaging children from birth in text, the way it is structured and the wonderful skills and knowledge to be learnt from books.


This space is also to teach and guide children using a co-regulation approach, about social and emotional topics to ensure they have a calm space to explore and understand the wide range of emotions experienced as they grow.


Each class provides ongoing access to the class libraries throughout the day for both free exploration and organised experiences

Here at Zetland we cater for and provide for all allergies and dietary requirements. Please click on the SAMPLE menus below to view them.