School Readiness

Our quality School Readiness Program begins from the moment that the children are enrolled into our care at Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre. There is often a misconception that Preschools or Prep Schools are offering a different School Readiness Program to Long Day Care Centres (LDC). This is quite incorrect. Just like Preschools, Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre follows the same mandatory Early Years Learning Framework curriculum with EarlySchool Readiness Childhood qualified Educators delivering the program. We can offer a more comprehensive School Readiness Program than the vast majority of Preschools as a result of more resources available to deliver such programs as well as the extra staff and longer hours enabling the Educators more time for programming, planning and working with children individually. In addition, having children attend our service from a younger age enables families and educators to work together and get to know each other better in order to help children reach their full potential.

Our School Readiness program builds on children’s prior learning and development. The children will be involved in learning experiences that are “interest based” and involve the children engaging in learning through their interests. These learning experiences will be taught through topics of interest to the children and will teach skills such as independence, confidence, ability to work in groups and alone, initiating conversations and making friends, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, understanding concepts such as sharing and taking turns as well as pre-reading, writing and mathematical skills and general knowledge.

We also introduce and give the children opportunities to engage in “Big School” dramatic play. This encourages and allows them to act out what they know or have experienced about “Big School”, act out what they predict “Big School” to be like and what they have learnt about “Big School” through orientation visits from their friends. Acting out “Big School”, which is a new life experience soon approaching allows the children to act out their fears, concerns or simply become familiar with new symbols or experiences that they think are related to “Big School”.