Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre has an excellent, dedicated team of passionate and long term educators. Our educators are specialists in providing care and education to children.

We take pride in the length of service of our educators retention. They are all qualified accordingly as Cert III, Diploma and ECT (Early Childhood Teacher). Our Preschool staff have double degress in Early Childhood Teaching & Primary School Teaching. All our staff are extremely passionate and caring and have a very strong work ethic based on the centre being a true Early Learning Centre and Not a baby sitting service.

Our educators will be actively engaged, interacting with individual and small groups of children in their play experiences, intentionally teaching, observing children at play, preparing the learning environment, talking with other adults, collecting resources and providing the children with quality learning environments that engage the children actively within their learning.

Our educators are deliberate, purposeful, and reflective in their planning, documenting and evaluating of children’s learning experiences that support the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).