0 – 2 years – (Babies)

Leaving a baby in childcare can be a stressful time for parents. When the child isn’t old enough to communicate their needs or likes and dislikes, it is often difficult for parents to imagine anyone else being able to look after their baby. Our dedicated baby room staff with help you through this and make you feel at ease about leaving your baby in our care. Our babies use full-size cots for rest-time with their own bedding provided, and our nappy change facilities ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained at all times. Each room has its own cot room with security cameras to protect and monitor the children whilst they are asleep. (This footage can only be viewed within the centre).  At Zetland we can offer your baby a calm, loving and supportive environment that allows them to thrive.

2 – 3 years – (Toddlers)

This room offers busy toddlers a chance to play and learn with age appropriate toys in a safe and secure environment. Designed with little fingers in mind, all of the facilities are safe for toddlers. Our carers love working with toddlers and engage the children in a variety of programmed activities that allow them to explore their creativity and physical abilities as well as encouraging them to interact with other children.

3 – 5 years – (Pre Schoolers)

In the preschool room there is a more structured environment. Our Preschool Program is facilitated by appropriately qualified and experienced teachers who through our school readiness program assist the children by preparing them for their transition to school. Interest based activities encouraging children to learn with programmed group times of music, movement and language are all designed to help the Pre-schoolers become self-confident and positive little people. At Zetland Long Daycare we believe that every child deserves, and needs, a solid foundation for school. A good quality “preschool program” will equip your child with all of the basic skills they need to succeed at school and the confidence they need to be happy. It will help them to form friendships and understand the expectations placed on them at school and help them to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.