At Zetland Long Daycare Centre our vision is to provide an inclusive indoor and outdoor environment that is inviting and engages children to play, wonder, explore the world and become active learners.

We foster a program that seeks to build a connection with and a sense of wonder with regard to nature and concern for present and future sustainability. We achieve this through practice and promoting environmentally thoughtful practices, such as growing plants, being water wise, minimising waste and using/recycling materials thoughtfully.

We ensure the environment is safe, clean and well-maintained. Children’s awareness of the environment will be promoted through daily practices, resources, and interactions. Sustainable practices will be encouraged within the education and care service. Educators, children, and families will be encouraged to become advocates for a sustainable future.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environments provide opportunities to foster relationships between mixed aged and family groupings. The children’s early caring and empathy skills are fostered, providing opportunities for children to scaffold the learning of their peers.

Our learning areas provide consistent opportunities for children to revisit, recreate, refine, re enforce and challenge their existing abilities and reflect children’s interests (belonging). We provide experiences using a variety of media to empower children to make choices, promote peer relationships and to provoke thoughts and imagination through play and an innovative arts curriculum.

We incorporate the National Quality Standards (COAG 2012) and the Early Years Learning Framework (DEEWR 2009) into our daily practices.