At Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre we believe that our curriculum must celebrate today as well as being visionary about tomorrow. Reflection and recording of this learning is essential in assuring continual learning and growth. It is also a tool for understanding learning and allows ideas to be revisited in the future. Documenting and displaying children’s learning shows them that their work has value and is a powerful medium for sharing with families.

We believe our curriculum provides regular intentional teaching, planned experiences, individual, small group and spontaneous group experiences that are child interest based and focus on the importance of play in the lives of children. We believe it is hands on play experience in which children learn life long skills, and it is the process of the play rather than the final product that provides the most beneficial learning.

We believe that professional documentation is important in sharing our curriculum with children and their families. This is done in the form of the daily journal, learning stories, work samples, project work and children’s individual journals and is available to families. We acknowledge and value the feedback families provide and work together on documenting and recording the children’s celebration of achievement charts.