Play is now well recognised for its potential power and influence on a child’s development. It is through play that children learn about themselves and others and the world around them. Early Childhood Education is concerned with the growth and development of young children. Through careful observation, program design and implementation, teachers can identify children’s interests and use this as a basis in providing meaningful learning experiences, both in a group and on an individual level. Children learn best when they actively participate in a number of varied, challenging and interesting learning experiences. They learn to communicate, investigate and express themselves through these learning experiences in a friendly, supportive and fail free environment, where independence and cooperation are encouraged and appropriate behavior is reinforced.  Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre reflects an aesthetically pleasing environment that fosters a program that enhances children’s development in all areas and where all children are treated equally. We provide a home-like environment that welcomes families and children to become an active part of our Centre. The highest quality of care is obtained through quality teaching and child care, appropriate resources, community support and through active and strong parental involvement.
Every child is a unique person, with their own interests, learning style, growth timetable, and culture. When given the time, space, and opportunity to interact in a meaningful environment, a child can construct new ideas and link them to existing knowledge. We empower children with communication skills so that they can learn to take responsibility for them-selves, to cooperate with others, and to effectively resolve conflicts. We recognise the important role that play has in children’s development and learning. We focus on the process of children’s work and not on the product.