At Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre we practice The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre engages the children to learn through the environment and play-based experiences and along the way this will help meet and develop important milestones.

As the EYLF argues, play provides an important ‘context for learning’ where children are able to explore ideas, solve problems, make connections and engage with others (DEEWR, 2009, p. 9). Play-based learning plays a crucial role in the development of literacy and numeracy.


The children at Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre are exposed to literacy and numeracy learning through hands-on, practical and play-based experiences, such as when children are engaged in shop play in the home corner, they are using play money and a cash register, which enables them to engage with counting, addition, subtraction and various other mathematical concepts.

Similarly, when children have an interest in cooking and pretend to read and write out recipes, they are developing many vital aspects of literacy, specifically pre-reading and writing skills. Children are also learning to understand the functions of print as well as directionality of print as they write from left to right.

Children love to play, learn and explore and at Zetland Children’s Early Learning Centre our educators create learning environments where the children are encouraged to grow and develop in areas of development creating opportunities for children to enhance their social, language, physical and creative skills. We take pride in providing an environment, which provides a home away from home by providing opportunities for parents and educators to work together and enhance a child’s learning and well-being.